theory – how personal?

When my husband and I were brainstorming the idea & organization behind this site, he wanted it to be less personal.  He didn’t want he and the kiddos named, nor our address spelled out for the whole world to know.  But I also know that when making ideas, experiences, and feelings clear, it helps to be personal.

I’ve held back a bit on the topics within my world that I discuss, but have decided to let it all out and face the consequences.  If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely looking to better yourself and find others out there seeking the same (as I am :)).  I don’t expect people to agree with everything I write about…especially some of my opinions and views.  But I’d love to hear if something said helps, if you have answers to any of my searching questions,  some advice, or if you have any suggestions. 

I’ll commit to be as candid as I can and hope that it will be a positive experience.  Those of you who know our lil’ family will of course understand more, but those of you who don’t know us as intimately, won’t have to know everything about us.  Meanwhile, to make writing about our family easier, I’ll call my husband: the designer, my first son (3 years old): the builder, my daughter (almost 2 years): the dancer, and our second son (6 weeks): the grower

Any thoughts?

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