delight – biking w/ kiddos update

Finally I feel good enough to work out with the kiddos. So we hooked up the bike trailer and put the baby in the baby hawk, and off we rode to Grandma’s house. The older kiddos were soo good in the trailer. Earlier in the week my husband’s mother had joined our family on a ride to a local park. They didn’t fare as well. Not sure if it’s because they haven’t ridden much since last Fall, or if they were just tired, but they had so much fun this time.

The baby went to sleep, as usual, in the Baby Hawk (so nice). The older kiddos and I enjoyed the animals, tractors, and newly paved asphalt along the way. Three kiddos are much more weight to pull, and I was surprised to pedal harder and more often than last year. Definitely a good work out though. 🙂

Not sure how long it will take to get the muscle tone I need to ride each day pulling all three kiddos, but looking forward to it!

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