discovery – slate flooring


One thing I like about slate flooring is that it is a material that works indoors as well as outdoors, and my husband and I are all about bringing the indoors out and the out indoors. 

Meeting in Landscape Architecture school has made our future home’s outdoor rooms of a top priority.  I was telling him the other day about how I want our fireplace in the great room to be situated such that it can be a double fireplace and used in an outdoor dining room on the other side…:)  As we watch the summer storms we talk about making sure we have a roof-line that will cover at least one of our outdoor rooms so that we always have shade and can enjoy the summer storms without getting wet. 

Anyways, the slate pictured is from Camara Slate, which is out of Vermont, and yes, the different colors above are natural colors.  Something else I just learned from their site…slate roofing.  Apparently slate has been used for a long time for a roofing material.  The company even buys used slate roofing…will take it right off if you no longer want it and then reuse it.

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