discovery – old house web

Pictured above is my son enjoying my brother’s creature toys that my Mom has saved.  I think his favorite thing, other than my parent’s backyard, is the closet filled with old toys.  

My parent’s main floor is covered in Mexican pavers, (other than the Family room) even up the stairs to the second floor.  Other than using the dust pan on the uneven floors growing up, I love these floors.  Early in the morning you can walk on them in your bare feet and they are not cold.  They have this warmth to them that make my parent’s home even more comfortable and inviting.

I love our maple floor we put into our condo, but with the loft, it was rather noisy.  Now in our in-law’s home, covered in linoleum, it is also very loud.  Is it all stone, or just my parent’s that is not loud?  I don’t want the home any louder than it needs to be.  🙂  So now I’m rethinking my desire for bamboo floors.  I wonder if my friend Marcie’s bamboo floors make her living area loud?  (oh, and I’m not a big fan of grout…)

My friend Brittoni and I were chatting the other day about how much she loves her brick flooring.  So I’m looking to see what kind of stone options are out there…a bit more even than my parents, still charming, natural looking, maybe even reclaimed old stone?

I found this great resource of a site called Old House Web, which has suppliers, articles, product review, forums, and guides for everything in the home.  They even have a section on stone flooring.  Looks like I’ll be spending some time there, checking everything out.

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