delight – biking w/ family

For FHE, my husband suggested we ride the trail in the canyon. We invited his mom and sister. His mom recently had her birthday and was given a beautiful beach cruiser. It was a perfect evening for riding. Half way down the trail there are gorgeous waterfalls, where we stopped and ate a picnic lunch, and let the kiddos explore the waterfall a bit more.

It was so fun to ride with my mother-in-law. She was so cute riding on her bike, clearly pleased and enjoying the adventure. My sister-in-law was also enjoying her ride, speeding down the trail on her own. My husband pulled the older kiddos in the bike trailer as I rode with the baby snuggled in the baby hawk.

We all had a wonderful time, and it looks like we’ll try to do a bike ride each Monday evening till the nites become too cool to ride. Each week we’ll try out a new route and destination. Should be fun!

One thought on “delight – biking w/ family

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