delight – fly lady

Making it on our own last week, the three kiddos and I, was a great accomplishment, I thought.  Though I did get behind on quite a few things, we all survived and had a great week together.  My sweet mother-in-law asked if she could watch the kids for me so that i could catch up on my laundry…what a saint!  So the baby and i did laundry alone for a few hours this morning, and I kept going through the kiddos naps to get 7 loads done and hung.  Two more to go tomorrow.  But I was so happy to have a cleaner laundry room. 

I love to have a clean house.  Sometimes it just is not the priority, however.  My husband always tells me to relax, that it will be there tomorrow.  Just hard for this detailed gal to take.  🙂

A friend showed me the fly lady.  I spent quite a while on the site one day reading and getting inspired.  It’s a great program, and just 15 minutes a day sounds achievable.  I started following along right at the end of my pregnancy, but soon realized that i needed to be ok about survival mode, and that my fly time would come.  I’m hoping soon.  I’d really like to be on top of things.  Organization is such a sweet treat for me. 

The picture above is of the fly lady’s first book.  Check out her site.  Be inspired! 🙂

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