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Minutes from ski resorts and yet within our own beautiful valley, we live in a small town. The nearest city is about 30 minutes away, which limits our grocery options as well as shopping in general. Over the past 10 years I’ve struggled with my health…mostly due to food allergies or intolerance. Once I married and we had our first child, I felt even more responsibility when it came to food in our home. Slowly, we started eating more natural, more organic, less processed, better meat, eggs, & cheese, whole grains, raw sugar, etc.

Going to the grocery store can be quite humorous, considering we wouldn’t even eat 80% of what is sold. Gradually, the two grocery stores in the valley have added items to their shelves that I feel confident purchasing. And then there is the fabulous Winder Farms, that bring fresh groceries to our door each week. In the past I would drive to the nearby ski resort town and buy from Wild Oats, now Whole Foods, but as we had two kiddos, I began trying to cook dishes I could create with what was available in our local stores.

At lunch my husband arrived with a bag of cheese and oats. Not just any cheese, but cheese made from raw milk. He had just been to the newly opened Real Foods Market. I went on their website for the first time today, and saw that you can even sign up for a newlsetter that comes to your email. They are also the same company that manufacture Redmond RealSalt. We were both excited, because not only do they offer quality food staples, at Real Foods Market, but they also sell raw milk.  We gave up drinking milk in general and replaced it with almond milk, because raw milk has been so far away for us to purchase. Definitely a food delight!

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