delight – back on schedule

I adore my kiddos.  They are a light and a joy in my life each day.  Life with three is definitely challenging…especially since they are so young, but today was such a good dayIt felt so right.  This is the first week I’ve been completely on my own, and trying to get back into our schedule has been a challenge, but easier each day.

Quickly, I learned that a schedule was the best way to assure a good day for all of us.  We play hard all morning, eat lunch, and then the afternoon is quiet time.  My oldest has been napping most days, but occasionally he plays in his room quietly.  I nap or enjoy something else for me.  Sometimes i do laundry, but mostly i try and do something that i enjoy.  Between 4 and 5, we cook dinner and wait for my husband to come home so we can all eat together. 

I prefer to have a plan for each day, so that i don’t get stuck or distracted.  I am a free spirited soul, but to have stucture as my base helps me to use that freedom and gives me the relaxing attitude I need to enjoy each moment.  I’ve found that my kiddos also do better if they have a sense of our plan. 

When I was sick at the end of this last pregnancy, our schedule was different nearly every day.  The kiddos were going to different friend and family’s homes for a few hours each morning for about a month or two, and it definitely took it’s toll. 

My oldest, who has been potty trained since march, started digressing in the trained department.  I attribute it to my absence and the lack of consistency in his life.  He craves it just as I do.  And maybe it was a way for him to receive the needed attention he desired.  Who knows, but it has been frustrating and disappointing.

As I’ve recovered and gained strength each day, I have more patience to work with him.  Today was just wonderful.  This morning we ate, cleaned up breakfast, the two eldest played for a bit while i fed the baby and pumped.  They were so good to help me clean up so that we could get on with our day.  My son (3) was right there helping me with everything.  I was so proud of him. 

We braved the grocery store, the three kiddos and I.  My list was fairly short, so I thought it was a good time to try.  As we drove, the baby fell asleep.  So i put the older two in the main part of the cart, with the baby up front in his carrier.  With my eldest, we took the stroller and I put groceries underneath and hung canvas bags on the back.  When my daughter was born we still took the stroller for a while as I carried her in the backpack/carrier.  This was the first I put the carrier in front.  Not a great idea.  I am just shy of 5’1″, and I could not see over the carrier. 

Definitely should have used my baby hawk.  Towards the end of our visit, my son needed to use the toilet, and the baby woke up.  I carried the baby in my arms and pushed the cart as best I could.

After the store we went to the “bumble bee park,” named by my son as it has a bumble bee kids can sit on and ride.  It was hopping at the park: lots of kids and moms.  My son was out first.  After a few tries, my daughter decided which shoes to wear and was ready to get out.  I looked at my son and realized that we needed a potty break.  There are no restrooms at the bumble bee park.  So I loaded everyone back in the car, drove home, and after another successful potty run, we drove back to the park. 

The kiddos enjoyed the park and the other kids for another half hour.  My daughter is getting soo brave; trying to climb on everything just like the big kids.  She swung, hanging from a bar with her older brother.  I was nursing the baby under a blanket, trying to spot her, but she still managed to swing with one hand and fell a few feet off the platform.  Fortunately, just a few wood chips in her hair and a disappointed lil’ princess.  Soon it was time for another potty run.  My daughter did not want to get back in the car.  I was just grateful that my son would give me enough notice for us to load up and drive home.

One of the other toddlers tried to come home with us.  He even crawled in the mini van.  Fortunately his mom saw him and came to get him as i was quickly buckling everyone in their car seats.  When we got home I told my son we were staying home (i did not want a third run to the park so close to lunch).  He was sorely disappointed, but accepted a picnic in the living room while watching Alice in Wonderland.  ( I had to pump…the baby was asleep again). 

After I pumped and the older two kiddos enjoyed their picnic lunch, they were ready to swim out on the deck in their wading pool.  They kept summoning me for help, and I finally told them to play so that I could cook my lunch.  Soon, my husband came home for lunch and after we ate, he helped get the other two down for quiet time.  (Thank goodness he comes home for lunch each day…I sure can use the help). 

As I got ready for my own nap, I thought about the morning and realized…we’re gonna make it!  This life with three kiddos is going to be busy, fast paced, challenging, but oh so fun.  Just got to stay on top of everything, make sure we have a plan, and stay on our schedule!

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