development – paint out ’08

The “paint out” this morning was wonderful.  Fortunately, I chose a subject that wasn’t too popular.  There were lots of painters, but they were all down the road a bit, so there i was enjoying the serene, peaceful morning all to myself.  The weather was nice, and the shade from the back of our Highlander, fabulous.  I left the house just before 7, checked in, and got sketching fairly soon after that.  My husband helped me plan and organize the event.  My parents helped him watch the kids, and he even came to get milk I pumped for the baby.  Amazingly, I finished just before 11.  I met up with he and my parents, got the painting in the frame, and turned it in before the noon deadline.  It was exciting to know that I could paint a large painting under pressure and feel completely satisfied!

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