delight – visit with a dear friend

I really wasn’t feeling very well.  In fact, I had a very difficult time getting up at all, but I knew that letting the kiddos play and getting to visit with my friend, Lesa, would be soo worth it. 

I have this beautiful friend who lives in a neighboring city.  She was originally my husband’s friend, the “girl next door” growing up.  When we moved to my husband’s small hometown I felt very alone not knowing anyone.  He of course knew so many, and though I am for sure the outgoing one of us, it was difficult for me make friends.

His “almost sister,” and I have two boys close in age as well as two girls only 5 months apart.  We always found much to talk about and could tell that the boys were going to be good friends.  I felt guilty at first, being her friend.  I tried being friends with other gals i met, but couldn’t “click” with them in the same way.  I gave up and decided that it was okay to only have one friend, even if i felt i’d stolen her from my husband.  🙂

A couple years later, i still consider her my only local friend.  Even better, she is easily one of the best friends that I have ever had.  I keep up with other wonderful friends, but rarely see them.  Lesa is just an amazing person.  Not only is she easy going, genuine, positive, thoughtful, and non-judgemental, but she’s soo much fun.  She is one of those rare friends that everyone needs to have in their life. 

So my delight was in spending time with Lesa.  We are both pregnant and could laugh about our “prego brains” together as we caught up and enjoyed time with our kiddos.  Thank you Lesa for raising my spirits and for a wonderful morning!

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