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Welcome! We are a family of 7 who love to create.

Come on in…

…grab some hot cocoa and stay a while,

we’re so happy you are here!

katrina, sportsplayer, cookergirl, the explorer, big and little twin brothers

Click to view our art shops:

sportsplayer (aka the builder)

cooker girl (aka the dancer)

the explorer

katrina berg


Other Creative projects:

collageblog kiddo art collage – collage of photographs of the kiddos creating and an archive of their ’08 art projects.

dscf4584 decoupage magnet board – my first decoupage project…with my favorite quote.

giftwrappinggreen green gift wrapping– wrapping with magazinges/catalogs

1208-742 homemade greeting cards – magazine & paper leftovers

1208-325 christmas stockings – the end of the stocking saga

handmade books

ashlynn saves the rainbow fairy

joshy’s special day

xander the great

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