At 20, I learned I was allergic to wheat, dairy, and sugar.  Since then, I’ve struggled with food in general: quite the love/hate relationship I hate to admit.  But the love part has brought a greater desire to eat healthy.  Over the next 12 years I became allergic to even more food, and I am learning to eat more mindfully as well.

A couple years ago, I began allergy-elimination treatments with ZD, a local NAET practioner.  As my allergies disappear, the recipes change.  Some things I’ll never give up though!

I believe you can make just about any good recipe work for your needs with a bit of creativity {more sometimes than others!} I rarely follow a recipe and don’t expect you to follow mine exactly either.  🙂

If you’re non-allergic…use whole wheat flour in place of the spelt.  If you’re Celiac, a bit of xantham gum and a good gluten-free flour mix go a long way.  Can’t do dairy?…use coconut oil and coconut milk.  No sugar?…how about brown rice syrup or raw honey or agave nectar?

Whatever you do…use the best ingredients you can find…your loved ones and your health will thank you {at some point!}

bon appetit! ~ katrina


overnight kamut waffles

aebelskiver/ebelskiver recipes

german blueberry yogurt pancake

kamut orange muffins 

brown rice & apple cereal

whole wheat cinnamon rolls

blackberry oat pancakes

seriously good whole grain sandwich bread

blue cheese spelt crackers

whole wheat apple dutch baby

kefir blueberry spelt muffins

3 orange roll recipes

oconut milk spelt biscuits

cassi’s crepes

herb n white cheddar gf biscuits

peachy gf pancakes

cinnamon apple oatmeal

spelt biscuits

almond spelt bread

spelt bread


spelt naan

ann dibb rolls, gluten-free version

blackberry & hazelnut muffins

pumpkin biscuits




chicken coconut curry soup

chicken noodle soup

coconut cream of mushroom soup

creamy carrots & roasted veggies harissa soup

roasted sweet pepper coconut soup

turkey lentil & herb soup

cheesy cauliflower soup

julia’s cream of mushroom soup

creamy tomato basil soup

creamy zucchini soup

creamy dairy-free tomato soup

 creamy butternut vegetable soup

harissa spiced creamy carrot soup

curried roasted pepper soup

french onion soup 

creamy sweet pepper soup 

butternut squash soup

creamy spinach soup with chicken

curried butternut squash soup



almond milk


10.09 106


homemade hot cocoa (using raw milk or almond milk)

an orange smoothie

yummy green smoothie

coconut oil kettle corn


christmas smoothies (grinch & pink)

avocado humus



almost greek salad

eggplant schnitzel

rosemary french fries

green bean salad

Main Dishes

burrito bowl

slow-cooked turkey & herbs

coconut herb marinated chicken

chicken & eggplant

handmade sushi

spinach & tomato cheesy pasta

gruyere cheese sauce

papa’s perfect beans 

green quinoa

spelt pizza dough

quiche lorraine

eastern spiced marinated chicken

grilled harrissa chicken

curried garden stir fry

cumin seed rice

chicken saag

salmon cakes

cumin seed spinach rice

curried chicken

spinach souffle

spicy dill salmon

orange tilapia

chicken tajine

chicken curry korma curried ginger pear chicken


mexican wedding cookies

gf alphabet sugar cookies

maple wheat snickerdoodles

chocolate chip pecan cookies

spelt pastry crust

dense cocolate loaf cake 

spelt maple cake

spelt pecan pie spelt 

sour cream chocolate cake 

the designer’s yummy chocolate cake

whole wheat fairy cakes

gluten-free brown rice brownies

strawberry cheesecake

spelt pecan brownies

spelt sugar cookies

peanut butter chocolate chip spelt cookies

spelt snickerdoodles

berry pie with coconut oil crust

pumpkin cookies

snowman cookies – a delicious gluten-free version of a traditional favorite.

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