new abstract landscapes


For many of us in the Heber Valley, the 4th of July is not only a time to gather and celebrate the birth of our nation, but also to paint!  Wasatch Plein Air started over the weekend and while I usually spend my time recording the old homes in the valley, this year i’ve chosen to record some of my favorite vistas through abstract landscape pieces.  Starting tomorrow, Tuesday evening, the Town Hall will have artwork on exhibit and for sale starting after 6pm.  This exhibit will will grow over the week as entries from additional “paint-out” and “quick draw” competitions commence.  You can visit the exhibit and watch painters around the valley from now until the afternoon of the 4th.  Here are some of the pieces I will be entering:


Painting en plein air is always an adventure… (even if it’s only in your backyard). I can’t help but giggle when the first bug gets stuck and then painted into the piece. Or the goat that escaped his corral & was watching me paint at the top of pine canyon road yesterday. And then there is the cow grazing on the new sod in our yard that the kiddos have been nurturing so carefully…I’d rather paint in my studio any day, but it’s definitely more challenging to avoid getting sunburned or painting as fast as I can to get back to my kiddos!


What traditions do you enjoy on the 4th?  Whatever you do, stay cool! xo ~ katrina

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