new abstracts in online shop


hopscotch+hot chocolate i, ii and iii each 10×10 oil on wood (wide sides painted gray)

Our kiddos are enjoying an especially warm winter…they play outdoors to their hearts content and then run in and still need hot chocolate. I guess our bellies still know its Winter even if the snow has forgotten us! {click on the painting titles to see more images in my big cartel shop}


sprinkles+signs, 8×8 oil on wood (gray sides)

I love the excuse to bake bread and other yuminess in our kitchen with the kiddos each week; all in the name of “school”. The bumps are getting smaller, we’re easing into this homeschool thing and there are truly dreamy moments that make it all worthwhile.  This little piece is all about our Winter journey learning to learn together and enjoy each other’s sweetness along the way.


sunshine+shaved ice i, ii and iii each 16×16 oil on wood, (wide sides painted peach)

This abstract series will join a few other of my abstracts for sale on One King’s Lane starting tomorrow, (through February 27th) in The Art Shop.  There is a great lineup of Zatista artists I am joining.  One of my very favorites: Elizabeth Chapman, will also have work for sale. 🙂

Happy warm Winter from our lil’ spot to yours, xo ~ katrina


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