the queen of bundt


the queen of bundt, 10×10 oil, SOLD

Ever since I was on bedrest with the twinners, sweet friends will stop by for no particular reason to say hello, lift our spirits, hold babies, or bring us something yummy to eat. I’m still amazed on a regular basis of their friendship and kindness.

One of those dear friends stopped by a couple weeks ago with her signature bundt. You know, the epic kind, that the kiddos nearly gobble up within moments…and they talk about it incessantly, and ask you a couple days later just “what that yummy cake with the hole was called.” She wobbled up to the front door on her recent knee replacement with that warm smile and twinkling eyes, treasure in hand. (Yup, our Shanna Hendry is just plain inspiring!) We’re going to have to make a bundt or two in the berg bakery this month in honor of our queen of bundts. This painting is dedicated to Shanna and all our other delightful friends who’ve made this wild journey so much sweeter. Love to you all! ~ katrina


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