the builder turns 9!


Dearest builder,

Happy birthday bud! My what a wild year we’ve had. It began with a special day shared with your cousin Charlie: your baptism.  That morning, as we were dressing for the bug day, I had the sweetest feeling come from the Spirit.  It told me how pleased your Heavenly Father was that you had prepared and chosen to make your baptismal covenant.  It carried me through the day and helped me enjoy the peace He brought for us all throughout that day.

You had a special experience as you and Dad dressed in white. I’m so happy you were available to receive that witness. 

During the meeting, you & Charlie sat up front. You were so quiet, still, attentive, and aware.  Your siblings and cousins sang, your Papa and Charlie’s Grandma Kidder spoke about baptism and the Holy Ghost.  Papa had not received the request to speak, Christine prepared the talk we’d planned for Papa.  And yet, the Spirit was in abundance and everyone enjoyed and participated beautifully.

It was perfect. There was lots of family in attendance, your hometeachers, and our carpool buddy Noah’s family.  We had a delicious potluck lunch in the Dale Berg Park and your friends Aiden & Sahra joined us.

You have been a wonderful example and leader to your family and friends, even though I know it is very hard sometimes to choose the right.

Thank you for helping me before the twins came and especially now that they are here. You will have a special friendship between you 4 brothers.

At school this year you have grown in so many ways: improving your speech, reading, and continually learning to navigate and nourish friendships.

Ski season was also extra fun for you (especially since we were able to enjoy the Sochi Olympics…you and your siblings were especially interested in Shawn White): ski league after school and your very first x-country race…improvement in biathalon at the school Olympics…and your team usa medaled in the relay.

Most snowy mornings were quiet as you led your siblings in wild winter adventures sledding and exploring outside before school. 

This year you became very interested in pokemon. Everyday you teach me some new fact about one of your new trades from school. You also became very involved with 4-square (with rules I’d never known when I played as a kid, lol).

You’ve also completed your work in the Speech program. Something you’ll continue to work with on your own and at home. You’ve learned to be aware of sounds, how to make them, and most importantly, that (once again), you can do hard things. It will help you be a better listener, more aware of others and their challenges, and a better friend.

Speaking of friends, this year you’ve become a better friend to your siblings and a kind leader. You are learning that when it comes to your siblings, that the most important things we can do are 1. Love each other, and. 2. Keep each other safe. Thank you for loving and teaching your siblings…especially the twins, whom you love to call your “peanut butter cup.”

We love you and all you are becoming. Have another wonderful year sweet and brave “builder”!

Luv, mom

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