early visit from the unwanted visitor: braxton & his pesky hicks


He showed up a couple weeks ago, consistantly each morning.  So after everyone was off to school & work, I went back to bed to rest & nap. It helped & I thought it was good routine practice for things to come.

But we had a busy week.  I was out at night twice (both seemingly important events I didn’t want to miss: a fav speaker Hi McNaughton at a Relief Society activity, & visiting my mother-in-law at the hospital after her surgery), the designer and i were gone all day for appointments with Richelle, our midwife, & Victoria,  my visceral prenatal massage therapist.  I’d taught French Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, & by Friday: i couldn’t remember ever being so tired.

Saturday I stayed home to rest while the designer took the kiddos to the byu game, grocery shopping & errand running (he deserves his own post…promise to get there soon).  I had thoughts/intentions of organizing the art studio some more…but it never happened.  I did nothing but eat & rest all day.

Yet it wasn’t enough!  Sunday morning I woke, got ready & ate with the kiddos…I was in the kitchen whenthe Braxton Hicks hit me with a vengeance.  I immediately put myself back into bed & told the designer to come check on me after Sacrament meeting & the kiddos were all settled in their Primary classes.

After a while, the pains subsided enough for me to drag out some lavender oil & smear it all over my belly (something Richelle had recommended when I went into early labor with the explorer at 30 weeks, that worked beautifully).  I was feeling more confident that I could go ahead & teach in Relief Society…but that it would have to be simple: nothing too exciting or that would involve flitting-about this time.  And in my ♥, I knew it would be the last lesson I taught/led for a while.

My girlfriend teased me later that it was like we were at General Conference, watching me sit up there with a mic, too weak to stand.  We had a good laugh over that. I was definitely uncomfortable up there, trying to breathe, & the pains ever present.  But for those 30+ minutes I felt great strength. I was in a zone & those “unpleasant affairs” could not reach me.

Sweet Jane, a retired nurse & my Relief Society President, told me later that she prayed the entire lesson that my water would not break. Truly, I have sweet angels looking over my boys & I!

Afterwards, I went home and straight to my bed…and thats where I’ve been nearly since.

Promise, I’d been slowly cutting back…I’ve been trying to listen to my body & say “no”.  But so much more is required, I’m learning.

In fact, Saturday, Jane & I had a great talk & made some future-just-in-case plans.  I just didn’t realize I needed them already.  But we both felt better when Sunday rolled around & it became apparent that it was time.

15 more weeks.  As long as we make another 10…right!? Whatever it is you’re struggling with, hang in there with me all you beautiful ladies, we’ll get through it all together!  Luv to all, xo- katrina
p.s. More lovely photos from the talented Katrina Anderson: http://www.katrinabanderson.com

5 thoughts on “early visit from the unwanted visitor: braxton & his pesky hicks

  1. Thanks Sophie ;). I’m due the 1st week of March…secretly hoping for the 3rd or 4th week in February. Getting so big & uncomfortable lol! xo

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