twin pregnancy difference part I

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Yes, it’s very different to be pregnant with more than one, and I’m learning more  & more everyday.  I knew I’d end up bigger, but had no idea just how different it would be. 😉  Obviously, everyone is different, but these are some of the differences for me:

From the beginning I was definitely more nauseated…and where with our other kiddos, I could curb the vomiting to a certain respect, this was a new challenge for sure.  I think I spent the majority of the summer lying on the kitchen couch, where I could see or hear the kiddos.  They would run in, check in occasionally, but then happily go along in their merry summer adventures.  We stopped hiking together…I just couldn’t do it any more.  I’m amazed at the women that exercise their entire pregnancy…or any of it for that matter.  I just wanted this pregnancy to be a success so badly that I decided it could wait.  I tried everything I could think of: Chinese medicine, wearing magnets, eating raw veggies only before 2pm, eating hot foods & regular acupuncture treatments really helped…but it was rough & different.  I have found it extremely difficult to cook & wash dishes…and the smells this time around are as intense as I think they’ll ever be.  But it’s soo worth it!

Within a few short weeks of conception, my hips began moving like a locomotive.  I immediately started growing out of my favorite pants.  I had not had this with the miscarriages, so I figured it was a good sign.  At my 12 week appointment I’d gained a pound and I assured my midwife, Richelle, that despite my sickness…I’d make sure and eat well  –  even if I didn’t gain much.  That idea went out the window…when despite my sickness, I gained 10 more pounds by week 16…and I was measuring a couple weeks ahead.  I don’t remember ever being ahead of schedule…I do remember measuring a week behind…but never ahead!  Richelle assured me that the mom in the previous appointment was also measuring a couple weeks ahead, that it was not out of the ordinary.

At 19 weeks we were prepping for family photos and I began retaining water (so much earlier than I had in the past).  Nothing fit…my hips had widened much past my regular 8th month.  I tried on nearly everything in my closet, but everything was looking and feeling like I usually do at 7 months.  I cried & let it all out.  The sweet dancer was helping me and concern flooded her face.  As I told her why I was sad, she comforted me and I pulled myself together.  I had too many weeks remaining to let some uncomfortable clothing and a maybe-less-appealing reflection in the mirror affect the rest of my pregnancy.  That night I decided to let go of it for good.   I read last week in the twin book that when pregnant with multiples that the majority of the growth happens the beginning & end of the pregnancy (no wonder my prego clothes just aren’t cutting it this time around…literally). So I just have to laugh. It’s all good!  At the end of week, 22, I noticed pain and the top of my belly falling asleep again.  Forget the hips…my ribs were actually spreading!  So I got some bra extenders and another bra…!

tate barn midway

Just some fun photos I took when dropping off the kiddos at school one day…blessings.  Any pregnancy war stories you’d like to share?  you know I’d love to hear them! xo – katrina

7 thoughts on “twin pregnancy difference part I

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  2. No twins here, just a third pregnancy at “advanced maternal age”, according to my file. I ordered twin girls, mind you, and am getting a single boy. I swear this hospital messes up orders worse than any fast food place. It is still different, though – morning sickness was worse and longer, and at 8 weeks I couldn’t button my pants. Now at 7 months, none of my maternity clothes from the previous two fit at all. People I haven’t seen tell me I’ve dropped, and I have to patiently explain that, no, this is where he has been camped out the entire time. My husband sees me changing clothes and blurts out, “Holy cow!” “Did you just call me a cow?” “NO!!! No, I just…I mean…I called you Holy! Like the Madonna!” (as he backs away slowly…)

    Congratulations, and hang in there!

    • Hi Ami! Oh I love the holy Madonna response, that’s hilarious! I’m feeling the boys low for sure, yet everything is also high…there’s just no room I’ve decided. 🙂 Everyone kept saying it must be a girl since I was so high…but I think the “camped” thing you explained says it all! Wishing you a beautiful pregnancy! When is your due date? I’ll be sending happy thoughts your way! xo

      • Oh, it drives me crazy when people tell me what I’m carrying because of how I’m carrying, or that he will have a lot of hair because I’m having heartburn (I had it with dd, who was pretty much bald until 1), or all those other old wives’ tales. Gosh, why bother with a midwife when you can just get all your questions answered by strangers at Walmart? Getting snarky as I get closer…My due date is January 1, which would be cool, but I think I’m hoping more for the tax deduction! This is my third pregnancy but seventh child, and my body says it’s the last. I was actually in perimenopause, but I was sure there was one more to come, and lo and behold! Can’t wait to squish those little fat cheeks I see on the ultrasound…but, I should probably finish painting the bassinette…and find the bouncy seat in the garage…and…

        • Lol, so true…I have been so surprised at the very strong opinions we have received! At first it was just that we want more, then that I was so very big…but the twin thing took the cake. I won’t share all but the funniest one was my grandma who in one breath squealed & congratulated me, & in the next began a lecture on birth control. My husband asked how I responded. My reply? It took a while…I was pretty shocked, but told her we had figured out birth control & not to worry. His response, “Did she forget we’ve been trying? ” Lol is all I can say! January 1st sounds marvelous & I’m so very happy for you!…you’ve also had a rough journey, bless you! Sure makes it that much sweeter though right? I am so very grateful for both of us! xo

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