the explorer turns 4!

Mom, can you put those on the puter? – the explorer

Sure, buddy, I’ll download the pictures on the computer so you can see them. – me

Our baby turned 4 yesterday.  It has been pretty surreal to say the least.  Growing and changing.  He is still very aware, our best listener, and (for the most part), is so quick to apologize and forgive others.

Maps, maps, maps.  He adores reading them, making them, and everything in “plan view” (bird’s eye).

The builder suggested that we take him to the Hogel Zoo to celebrate his special day.  The birthday boy loved it, of course.

The designer and I have decided that he may have the greenest thumb of the three.  Where the builder loves to cover the squash on cold nights and enjoys the production part of planting a garden, the explorer is all about the details.  He was showing me the other night the proper way to build a dam of sorts for the squash plants.  He is nurturing and kind, still is my lil’ snuggle bug.

Oh, and he’s still our best eater: I like everything you make mom.

I’m thinking the move has been the hardest on him…though he’s not real apt to show it…but has been taking naps to counter a little frustrations here and there.  🙂  He reminds me if he can’t find something or remember where it is, that it must be in the junit, you know, the store-a-junit (storage unit).

I love you little explorer, keep on learning and growing.  Your momma & daddy love you ever so much, happy birthday!

8 thoughts on “the explorer turns 4!

  1. loved your notes and pictures what a wonderful family. i am so proud of all of you love Dad

    • thx so much Dad, we luv you too! So happy to have such a fabulous Nana & Papa for our kiddos 🙂

  2. Please tell cute Garrett that Nanna loved seeing his birthday pictures on the puter! My favorite comment from him on his birthday was, ” Today is MY birthday! It’s not Carsten’s birthday. It’s not Anneclaire’s birthday. It is MY bithday!” I’m do glad that he had a fun birthday!

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