summer is here…

art by nathan jarvis

Summer is officially here!  The builder finished on Friday, a beautiful Memorial Weekend, and we are in full-swing-summer-time:

  • running through the sprinklers
  • water+tramp= joyful kiddos
  • garden planting
  • watering cans and hose fun while hydrating the plants
  • fun in the sun with cousins and friends
  • popsicles
  • watermelon
  • memorial day bbq with cousins
  • horse ride with Uncle Scott
  • bike ride with cousins to the cemetery
  • cemetery tour with Aunts Kathryn and Charlotte

Looking forward to:

  • hikes galore
  • girl cousins weekend in St. George
  • annual bear lake trip with the bergs
  • train ride with cousins
  • poolside fun
  • bikerides to the bumble-bee park
  • walks to the post-office and market

Are you enjoying Summer already?  What are you looking forward to most? I’m working on a list of local classes/activities for kiddos here.  Let me know what I can add!  xo~ katrina

My creative friend Nathan regularly sends his awesome images, check out his website and get on his list…isn’t he amazing?

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