*open studio sale*

renaissance craftsmen, 16×20, $650 (was $850)

Happily, dreams really do come true, as the builder says.  We are putting all our belongings into a storage unit and moving to my incredibly amazing mother-in-law’s while we build our forever home.

Meanwhile, I’ve packed up my paints as I’ll only have creative time for our family’s masterpiece.  Thus I’m having an…


come choose a mini print

larger prints will be for sale as well as

all paintings large and small 20-75% off

Saturday April 28th from 1-4pm

511 Mission Dr

Midway, Utah

***For those of you out-of-town, my open studio will happily come to you.  Simply email me and I’ll ship anything you like for free. *** (Check out my open studio page to see more paintings & their discounted prices)

(Many of you know I’m a sucker for trades…pick a painting and offer a good/service)



Come enjoy and save them from the dust! 🙂

2 thoughts on “*open studio sale*

  1. that is exciting news that you are building your dreamhome, new adventures are exciting. Too bad you wont have time for painting, but think how much you’ll love it when you get back to it when you move in to your new place. Good luck with your studio sale, hope you do well.

    • thx so much Sally :). We are very excited…nothing like your gorgeous porch gallery, but hoping to have plenty of room to paint and create! xo

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