the snow is melting! skiing photos at soldier hollow

We’ve waited and waited for Winter…it comes and goes it seems, but we’ve had some lovely afternoon ski days together!  Ivana took some fabulous shots of us a couple weeks ago.  Thanks Ivana, such treasures!

The dancer enjoyed keeping up with the boys as they raced along the trails, ventured off the course and down a couple steep hills.

Reesa and Barry also joined in the fun and took this photo of Ivana and I and our brood.

Then Ivana got the kiddos all lined up for a “race” of their “personal best”.  We love Ivana and her boys.

We’ve had so much fun with the added snow…every time we go it seems there are new trails to discover and enjoy.  This last week school was out for the Junior Olympic Trails.  It has been warm, sunny, and lovely…hope the athletes are enjoying it too.

Next year, I imagine we’ll be pushing to keep up with all six of them, even the explorer and Martin are really getting the hang of it.

The builder recently enjoyed their annual Olympics at school…the weather was perfect.  Grandma accompanied the younger two and I to watch the opening ceremonies and the builder move through the obstacle course.  Such a wonderful day.  Vive la France! (the builder’s class represented France this year in their blue berets…wishing I’d not forgotten my camera!).

Is it bad that I’m a little sad that Winter is melting away?   It has been the first Winter I really looked forward to snow…it’s taken me 6 years to adapt…i luv it here.  Enjoy your week everyone…wherever you are! xoxo ~ katrina

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