lovely lois day

{pictured: Aunt Diane, Aunt Margaret (Grandma’s sassy sis), the Lovely Lois, and Aunt Jenene}

The dancer and I joined my mom, sister Reesa, cousins, their girls, and aunts for Lovely Lois Day.  An unforgettable day, celebrating the ultra lovely life of Grandma Lois (my father’s mom).  We dressed in our loveliest attire (my aunt and cousin came in their prom dresses) or period dresses, hats, gloves, and sass.  🙂

We had a lovely luncheon, tributes to Grandma, her mom, and Grandpa Jack’s mom, as well as a tribute about Grandma and quilting.   Quilts she has made over the years and that have been inspired by Grandma were displayed.  Following the luncheon, Reesa and my cousins put on a fashion show, dressing in Grandma’s special clothes she’s saved over the years.

The littlest lovelies dressed in her hats and gloves.  The dancer was in absolute heaven surrounded by girl cousins to play with and enjoy.  On the way home and since, she has been planning a play-date with the darling gals.

We watched a special video of our cousins and their families singing a song that Grandma wrote for her book: I’m Happy to Be Me.  What a treasure.  (thx Jake and Kris)!

I’m so incredibly grateful to my amazing Grandma.  And I’m so happy I could be a part of that lovely day, to enjoy her love, and the love of the lovely women in our family!  Special thanks to my cousin Kristyn, who dreamt up the wonderful event.

What special events have you and your family enjoyed to celebrate those you love? Have a lovely day! xo ~ katrina

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