tempeh harissa sandwich

I’m trying to get more “women’s food” (as Koreans call it…I’ve asked my brother to compile a list…stay tuned) in my diet…I’ve had a hard time finding fermented soy.  I just assumed that tofu, tempeh, miso, soy sauce, etc. were always fermented.  So sad to learn that that’s not the case.  I’m reading more, and more labels.  🙂  Meanwhile, I was able to purchase fermented barley miso and tempeh from Azure Standard.  We ate a miso soup for lunch today {the explorer loved it…the dancer didn’t want to venture…:)} and we’ve had a tempeh sandwiches for lunch a couple days a week… which have been easy and interesting. 🙂  I’m enjoying tempeh…but it is a little on the bland side.   You definitely need to spice it up a bit! Oh, and it is very filling. I could only eat half of the sandwich…saved the other half for the next day.

tempeh harissa sandwich

1/2 tsp harissa
4-8 slices cucumber
a slice of mozzarella
small handfull of baby spinach
1/2 tempeh patty (we cut the thin side in half)
2 slices of whole grain bread
1-2 tbs basil pesto (for dipping)

I’m sure you could simply spread the pesto on the sandwich as well…I wanted to make sure the otherwise dry sandwich got plenty of moisture and good oil.  🙂  We’ve grilled the sandwich, eaten it cold…both good choices.

Do you eat soy? Fermented soy? Do you have any favorite types, brands, or recipes you’d be willing to share with this newbie?  xo ~ katrina

4 thoughts on “tempeh harissa sandwich

    • 🙂 Sometimes I forget how spicy harissa can be…you don’t need much…my first sandwich was a bit on the hot side!

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