making holiday memories

The Holidays are here and we’re enjoying everyday.  This weekend the dancer and I went to see her cousin Maile perform in Ballet West’s Nutcracker.  We were in heaven.  Maile was amazing (as always) and we had a wonderful time.  When we arrived home that evening, while I went in to hear about the boys’ day together, the designer asked the dancer to tell him all about the Nutcracker.  For the next twenty minutes, she didn’t stop giving him details about Maile, the show, dinner, her ride with Brit, Grandma & Rae Lynne…all while twirling her hair.

Some of the fun holiday memories we’ve made so far:

  • making Gingerbread homes with cousins
  • Christmas light gazing
  • making paper ornaments and paper chain
  • visiting Midway’s Creche exhibit
  • a field trip to the Gingerbread House exhibit with the builder’s class
  • watching a favorite babysitter and some of our friends perform in the Best Christmas Pageant Ever 
  • Ballet West Nutcracker
  • caroling with friends
  • kiddos slumbering under the tree
  • reading Christmas books together
  • baking more snowball cookies
  • trimming the tree…again, and again
  • letting the kiddos decorate the upstairs themselves
  • painting holiday commissions
  • making handmade ornaments

Looking forward  to the next full weeks ahead of us…wishing you all a memorable season as well! xoxo~ katrina

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