charity – an original oil

charity by katrina berg, 30×30 oil

10 more days till the festival…maybe  5 more days to paint…

I realized this afternoon that I’ve officially lost it…my brain is all tied up in oil and boards…I can’t think past much else.  The designer laughed at me yesterday as I was mindlessly preparing lunch…not paying attention at all to what I was doing.

That was before I stayed up till 2 painting.  I thought I hung in there fairly well today.  et alors

And then there are the cute little frogs we are sitting for Reesa…they aren’t doing so well either.  We lost another 2 yesterday (one of which, who was the only one she’d named: buddy, the red spotted toad).  He was so cute.  On the brighter side, the kiddos are learning about pets and deciding which they’d really like to care for.

The dancer and explorer are set on chickens.  The builder has decided he wants a pig.

I think we’ll read Charlotte’s Web once the festival is over.  😉

And how is your end of July?  Have a great rest of the week and happy Winds-Day everyone! xoxo ~ katrina

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