first night alone – an original oil

the first night alone by katrina berg, 30×30 oil

Seven years of marriage and I found myself alone for the very first time ever last Friday nite.  I’ve had one night away with the designer, so that was a first without kiddos…but without anyone?!  It was strange and peaceful…I stayed up painting till after 1 am.  Determined to make the most of my 24 hours of complete solidarity.  The designer and the kiddos met up with my parents and Jonny at the cabin.  Papa ran over a rattlesnake on the way up the mountain, so of course they ate it for dinner.  The kiddos came home with an elk skull, some large elk bones, and enjoyed the cabin, and 4-wheelers immensely.   Meanwhile I got to talk with both of my sisters while painting (wish it were more often!), painted, painted, and painted some more…only stopping to eat a few times.

Last weekend made another first: the first girls night out for the dancer and I.  The boys had gone to Father’s and Son’s Campout and we enjoyed making Valentines together, painting, and she created her very own soup recipe…chopped and prepared her ingredients herself.  I took a short video of her chopping the carrots.  Yes, I believe she is a Master Chef in the making…really my hope is for her to feel comfortable in the kitchen, creating, eating, and feeding those she loves with healthy food.  You go lil’ dancer!

Here is her cooking video 🙂

Any firsts for you this summer? xoxo ~ katrina

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