kiddo daily delights – dear mr. blueberry by simon james


{this was one of our first kdds in Jan of ’09…my how they’ve grown}

Dear Mr. Blueberry by Simon James, is a treasure.  The builder loves reading it, learning about whales, pets, and science.  Today, though, I was planning on focusing on the letter drafting part of the book.  After the builder and dancer and I read our story, the dancer wanted to “color.”

No problem, let’s color our letters.  I asked the builder who he wanted to write to.  “Jesus!” he replied, and then added, “Oh, and Santa.”  His letters went like this:

Dear Jesus,
ABCD.  Hello.  I love Santa and Jesus.  Come to our house.  You are our friend.
the builder, the dancer, the grower, the designer, and mommy

Dear Santa,
I love my family. I love my family at church. I like Santa and Jesus to come to my church. Thank you for the presents. Go to the Zoo and see the animals.

As for the dancer

Santa Claus,
Santa Claus. I love you. Thank your coming on Christmas. Da da da. Ride it. Jingle Bells. Potty Power. Potty. Power. Movie.
the dancer

It was a funny start in letter drafting.  I think we’ll write some more tomorrow…wonder who they will be for…:)

{2.02.11 –  the kiddos are really into letter writing these days.  They need to use envelopes and seal them with stickers…you never know what you’ll get inside: a letter, an illustration?}

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