Wasatch County Library presents: so you think you can draw!

The kiddos and I are going to the library this morning to get ready for So You Think You Can Draw Thursday evening.  If you have kiddos 8-12 in age who love to draw and create come and join us.

If you’re too far away {Zoe :)}, don’t worry, I’ll post the activities we’ll be doing, and the handouts and material I’ll be sending home with each of them.

No, you don’t need to be an artist to help your child with these simple exercises.  In fact, they probably won’t need your help and will be showing you how to do them.  🙂

If you’ve ever had a love of art or interest in increasing your creativity, you will enjoy taking the time with your kiddos (or doing it alone).

I’ll be discussing composition, style, and will offer suggestions on how to increase or start gathering your own desires and taste within the art world.

So come join us or stay tuned!  xoxo ~ katrina

Wasatch County Library
Heber City, UT
6-7 pm
January 6th 2011

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