roasted sweet pepper coconut soup

Last weekend, the designer and I took some of my new giclee prints to the Homestead Gift Shop {which is newly renovated… definitely check it out}, and the hung some of my paintings in the new 501 Main restaurant {previously Zona Rosa} on Park City’s Main Street.

It was bitter cold that evening!  Afterwards we stopped into Zoom for a bowl of soup and dessert.  Our dessert was to die for…seriously.  And it isn’t even on their website’s dessert menu, so I’ll probably mess up the name, but it was something like Toffee Peach Cobbler.  Oh was it amazing.  Just as incredible though was their Today’s Soup, which happened to be a coconut red pepper shrimp soup.  It was truly divine.  A couple of days later I made a similar soup:

1 large onion, chopped
6 cloves garlic, minced
3-4 tbs butter or olive oil
1 1/2 c French green beans chopped in half
1 c Portobello mushrooms, sliced
3 sweet bell peppers {I used a red, orange, & yellow pepper}
4 small tomatoes, cut into wedges
1 dry stalk lemongrass {fresh would be even better}, warmed in hot water
2 c baby spinach
1 tbs coriander {fresh cilantro would have been awesome}
1/2 tsp harissa
3 c hot water
1 can coconut milk

  • Roast peppers in oven on broil until blackened.  Remove peels, de-seed and slice.  Puree in blender with 1 cup of the hot water.
  • Warm oil in large pot/soup pan.  Add onions and garlic and saute for a few minutes to soften.
  • Add remaining vegetables {except spinach}, coriander, and lemongrass {after warming, chop into small pieces}. Saute till green beans are just barely cooked.
  • Add pepper puree and remaining hot water.  Stir in coconut milk, spinach, and serve.

serves 8-10

Enjoy, I’m soo growing lemongrass in our garden one day!

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