nativity {crèche} thoughts

The designer and I enjoyed hosting again at the Midway crèche exhibit last weekend.  Though it shouldn’t, it still surprises me each year, how a building we frequent each week can become so transformed that you feel it upon entering it’s doors.  That special feeling is a wonderful way to begin the season. {And a fabulous date night to share}.

The following evening we took the kiddos to the crèche exhibit and the other events within the Midway Christmas…though we spent so much time at the crèche that there really wasn’t much time for the others…perhaps the way it should be though right?  🙂

On the way to the exhibit, we went over appropriate behavior and what they should expect.  During the first half of the exhibit, the explorer kept us all in line, “shush-ing”us dutifully as we would talk about a piece.

There was quite a wait to dress up in nativity costumes for a portrait and the designer was all about moving on…but something within the builder so desired to be a part: he was so happy to be a king, the dancer an angel, and the explorer a “bad guy.”

Another week has passed, the gifts are done {yes, I’ve been painting…gifts, mostly, and will post them after the big day as not to ruin any surprises}, Christmas cards nearly finished, and just a few more things to check off the list.

And yet, I’m so grateful for Sunday to recommit to the Spirit of the Season.

Sharolyn gave a beautiful lesson on the Gift of the Holy Ghost in Relief Society yesterday. {Thx Sharolyn!} While watching Luke 2, I couldn’t help but think of Mary, in labor, jostled upon a donkey and just hoping for a peaceful place to welcome the Savior of the World.

After several stops at full to-the-brink inns, loud, boisterous travelers and visitors, the couple-in-need was offered a stable on the edge of Bethlehem.

Yes, we talk and celebrate that our King was born in a lowly stable. A humbling example to be sure.

And yet, if I had been in Mary’s shoes, {or sandals}, I would have welcomed the stable. Birthing a child is the most exquisite event of which I have been taken part, and I appreciated the simple, the few attendants, and quiet moments involved with each welcoming.

A loud and bustling inn would not have been my first pick.

Would it have been more difficult for the shepherds to come and celebrate, welcome our King in an overcrowded inn? Would they have still come? Would there have been room for visitors?

More importantly, as we know, our Father in Heaven has meaning in all things. Obviously the stable was hand-picked to be the birthing place of our Lord. I contemplate the simplicity, the serene scene where the Holy Ghost could so easily accompany the event and welcome those awaiting the birth of the Savior.

In those first moments of our Savior’s life, we are given an example of the way, His way. That apart from the world…from the hustle and bustle, we can invite the Holy Ghost to dwell with us, with our loved ones.

Many events in our lives, simple or great, that will offer most meaning will most likely occur in the walls of our own homes, out in nature, places of peace and serenity. Places where the Sprit may accompany us, bring us light and truth, comfort, guidance, love of our Heavenly Father.

Not in the clubs, most likely not in the grocery store or market. Away from the world, from worldliness, those simple and beautiful moments will occur where there is peace and love.

That is where we will find Him still.

This Christmas, I see the Nativity a little clearer.

I’m not sure where the cattle and oxen would lie, but if it brought our lil’ family closer to the Savior by continually welcoming the Holy Ghost into our home, than it would be well worth their stay.

Click here to watch the Luke II version of the Nativity with Amy Grant’s Breath of Heaven that Sharolyn shared yesterday. xoxo ~ katrina

4 thoughts on “nativity {crèche} thoughts

  1. The only night we weren’t there…we’ll have to plan to meet up next year! Definitely a good weekend to make the trip to Heber…we’ll be around all through the holidays if you’ll be making it again. Luv you!

  2. I love the video of Luke II with Amy Grants song. It didn’t let me see it on your site. Is there anyway to be able to download this or get a copy?

    • Hi Melissa 🙂 I’ve updated the link in my post to another Luke II & Amy Grant video on You Tube. Enjoy!

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