chip n’ burst {an original oil}

chip n burst by katrina berg, oil on cradled masonite, 1 1/2″ sides painted pink {no need to frame}

*purchase this piece on Zatista*

What is it about short and stout, and cute and comfy, cozy…I’m not sure, but a Chinese Chippendale chair captures it for sure.  The third in a series of three similar chairs, this is the favorite of our resident babysitter, Kaylee.  She is small too.  🙂  Perhaps that is why she liked it most.  Or maybe it is the sunburst pattern in the fabric.  I’ll have to ask her next time she is over.  I’m a big fan of babysitters that create with the kiddos.  In the past she has played school and done tea parties with them.  This last time, they created their own computers, and work spaces.  The builder’s computer even had his own microphone.  They had a wonderful time.  And if this chair existed in our living room, I would have sunk into it on our return: content that the kiddos had a wonderful adventure with their favorite babysitter! ~ katrina

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