painting: quilt of a home

quilt of a home by katrina berg, 16×20 oil on wrapped canvas

There are houses and then there are homes.  So what distinguishes a house from a home?  Sure, there are lots of things we could say, but today I propose that a home is knit, or tied together in love.

Much like a quilt, a home is tied with fabrics of many shapes, colors, and types: Ancestors, siblings, children, parents, and love.  It doesn’t matter how the pieces of fabric were initially created.  It is the love that keeps them together, unifying each family.  Celebrating the differences of each one, the painting emphasizes each piece: each person that ties the home with love.

This piece was mostly done en plein air…until it was a little too cold for my summer-evening liking.  I was able to witness the love of one of the families that currently reside at 275.  Sisters playing together, walking with their dad strolling the baby.  Parents playing a game of “butts up” in the driveway while the girls drove their battery car, taking in and out their pretend children…fastening their seat-belts, and visiting friend’s homes.  The quilt continues to grow, adding new pieces of love.  ~ katrina

3 thoughts on “painting: quilt of a home

  1. Love it and you are so right. Homes are quilts, knit together in love. It doesn’t mean that all the fabrics and colors go together all the time. It is the entire picture that makes the quilt, each little section can be unique, but the over all effect is one of love and unity. Loved the post today. Thank you.

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