discovery – frank bramley’s “a hopeless dawn”

Frank Bramley A Hopeless Dawn 1888

a hopeless dawn by frank bramley, oil on canvas, at London’s Tate Gallery

The title of this painting comes from a passage by John Ruskin, which affirms that Christ is at the helm of every boat. The kneeling woman, comforted by her mother-in-law, realises that her husband is lost at sea, but the open Bible, altar-like table and print on the wall hint at the consolations of religion. (inscription for piece)

It has been a wonderful conference thus far.  I couldn’t help but look for the painting President Thomas S. Monson described in his beautiful Easter sermon.  Truly, as we take a closer look at our world, there is “a grand design”  that can only have been created by a “grand designer.”

Happiest of Easter’s everyone, may we seek that Jesus who has not only atoned for us but has overcome the world, death, and welcomes each of us triumphantly home!

A couple more paintings by Frank Bramley:

   grasmer cherry blossom, oil on board, angel fine arts

for such is the kingdom of heaven, oil on canvas, auckland art gallery

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