development – painting: john seymour settee

john seymour settee, 9×12 oil on wrapped canvas (sides painted green), wired and ready to hang, SOLD

The more great furniture I find and read about, the more I am learning about their styles, periods, and history.  It has been so much fun.  My first semester at UNLV in the Architecture Grad program, the interior architecture director and I had some good chats.  He gave me a few books on interior architecture and design.  I was enamoured.  Not only that, but I spent a lot of time studying physics with my Brazilian friend, Alex, who was already studying in the interior architecture program.  A few lunches with he and Trish at Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe left me wondering what kinds of rooms I could create.  Later I would choose Landscape Architecture, and would meet/befriend Quinn while working in the University’s President’s office.  She was majoring in interior architecture and would become my roommate.  I loved seeing her boards and concepts.  I’m still fascinated with all realms of architecture.  Even the small ones we sit upon!

What did you choose as your career and how did you make that choice?  I only had 4 majors at BYU and 2 at UNLV. 🙂

ps. don’t forget the painting giveaways today and tomorrow at the wba!

4 thoughts on “development – painting: john seymour settee

  1. hi again,
    2 comments in a day..crazy.
    i first wanted to tell you how much i love this painting of yours. the colors, the composition, but mostly the surreal space you are creating with such familiar objects.
    i studied architecture in mass art. i think i always wanted to study architecture. i felt that if i could design a house i could design anything else. i did work as an architects for several years, had my own firm, took a break, blooged, and now i am back in architecture while blogging (have the best in both worlds) blogging hasn’t been paying my rent yet…


    • Truly honored to receive two Tali comments in one day! So you’re doing architecture again! Cool. It’s been a while since I’ve looked through your portfolio. I loved the modern home out in nature…can’t remember the name. I’ll have to post more of my dream plans…see what you think. 🙂 i always wanted to do architecture too…my first University didn’t have it as a major…they suggested Construction Management with a Grad degree elsewhere. What can I say? CM just wasn’t for me! 🙂 luv you Tali!

  2. It was in high school that I dreamed of many careers: French teacher (who wouldn’t, with Mlle Thorsen?). International business. Law. But before I left for college, I knew it would be music.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who Mme Thorsen inspired to be a French Teacher: French Teaching was my 3rd major at the Y. 🙂 Law…you go girl! Isn’t nice to know for sure though?

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