development – handmade sushi: our first attempt

The designer and i got together with his cousins and our friends for a homemade sushi evening.  Last month we enjoyed eating sushi in Salt Lake and decided it would be fun to make together…and less expensive as well

So the designer and I went to Many Lands, in Provo, a week ago to stock up on basic sushi supplies: the seaweed wrap, the special rice, wasabi powder, etc.  When we got home the designer was too excited to wait till the next weekend’s sushi-making party.  So we made our first batch for lunch, and then had a sushi dinner as well. 

I knew sushi making is an art.  Watching at the sushi bar, you see the intricate details and get a bit of an idea.  But did you know that you prep the rice before rolling it?  We learned how to melt the sugar into the rice vinegar and salt…to pour it over the rice while stirring and fanning.  It really does make a difference.  Anyways, we had a great time and the sushi this weekend was even better!  I couldn’t help but smile at the designer and the Riddle twins so into the roll making…Jeff with his amazing rainbow rolls, Brian with his preciseness, and the designer forming handrolls…we ate soo well.  Our bellies were soo happy!  Can’t wait for our next sushi nite!  Thanks again Brian and Chelsy for hosting!

The kiddos and I made their own rolls last week.  This is a fun way to introduce the art of sushi to your kiddos. 

Kiddo Sushi

cookie cutters
lunch meat
japanese omelette

  1. have the kiddos each choose a cookie cutter or two.
  2. Start with the layers you want on top, for the apple sushi above, I did the cheese and then spooned rice in behind, flipped it over on the plate and added the turkey heart.
  3. For the star below, cut out cheese, then omelette on top, spoon in rice, flip on plate and add turkey heart.

The kiddos thought it was such a treat.  And yes, they ate it!  🙂

How do you introduce new foods to your kiddos?  Do you love sushi?

2 thoughts on “development – handmade sushi: our first attempt

  1. Ben likes making rice triangles covered in sushi paper (forget the formal name for it) for the kids. He’ll make it as a snack or we’ll put it in their school lunches.

    They also like to munch on the plain sushi (seaweed) paper (me, not so much). Although Zack’s diaper has been interesting to change since they’ve been inhaling so much homemade sushi.

    • Oh, great idea about the sushi snack triangles…gonna try that one. I thought it was all the beans the explorer has been eating…maybe its the sushi! Poor guy…tonight he ate to much falafel and squash soup…:)

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