development – handmade book: joshy’s special day

I’ve recommitted to homemade gifts for 2010.  For the cousin & kiddo friend gifts for this year, I bought some blank books to write stories for each child.  The kiddos helped me write the story and then I illustrated it in black ink & oil pastel.  {next time I’m using watercolors so that it doesn’t smear :)} 

It was a great time working with the kiddos, and they were so excited to read it to their cousin…I think, more excited than he was receiving it.  🙂  They were turning the pages telling him all about it.  It was great fun to watch.

What are your favorite gifts to give kids for their birthday?  (Handmade and/or bought)

6 thoughts on “development – handmade book: joshy’s special day

  1. Seth was addicted to Thomas the Tank Engine. Saw every episode/movie/song/book. He would have loved this!!

    I am not crafty. I wish I had the time/talent to do this. I give my kids about a 10-15 $$ budget, take them to Wal-mart, and let them pick the gift for the friend!

  2. Hi Amber :), I love that you have a tradition: a budget and a destination. And the best part is that they get to choose. xoxo

  3. We enjoy giving plaster of paris molds with markers in it, stuck upside down so the lid is stuck in the mold. Also, homemade memory cards with family pics. Love the book idea. You are so talented!

    • Fun ideas Bree…i’d love to see photos of the plaster of paris with the markers…and the memory game with family photos…we need to do that this week!

  4. Katrina, you are brilliant! (I knew that already, but seeing this post just makes me smile.) If I was more artistic, I would gift the same thing.

    My daughter received a blank book for her 6th birthday a few years back. She filled it in weeks with drawings and writings, and now, it is still a joy to behold.

    Have you thought of illustrating for children’s books? Or writing your own and seeking out an agent to rep you to a larger publishing co? Your work is great!!

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