discovery – little owls preschool

We’ve had a wonderful preschool year so far at home.  I’m amazed at all the little things that we enjoy each day that add to our preschool experience.  The small learning that is adding to big learning…its so exciting. 

I realize preschool at home is not for everyone, it isn’t always easy and takes a different type of commitment.  The first year, I did a small preschool in our home, the 2nd we enjoyed a co-op with friends & family.  For us, I’ve reevaluated each year depending on our family and the kiddos’ needs. 

What are you doing for preschool next year, or what have you done in the past?  Did it vary with each child or did it make sense to do the same thing? 

My friend and college dorm neighbor, Rachael, has a degree in Elementary Education, has enjoyed a preschool in Heber City and now in Midway.  She has four darling children; two of the boys are twins.  Like my friend Katie, Rachael has a gift for teaching children.  If you’re looking for some choices in Heber Valley for Preschool this coming Fall…consider Rachael and Katie.  I give high recommendations for both gals!

2 thoughts on “discovery – little owls preschool

  1. I had my first boy in preschool because WE really needed it and it fit perfectly. Now he is being homeschooled, and my 3 year old learns by association. 🙂

    • Awesome, that’s what its all about Julie, assessing your child & your family’s needs…not being afraid to do something different when those needs change! xoxo

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