kiddo daily delight – making valentines & a break-through

The kiddos had a blast making, mailing, and giving out their valentines this week.  It was such a fun project.  They put a magnet animal on each Valentine: their idea.  The project lasted over an hour and we were having a blast every minute of it. 

Personally, the project warmed my heart.  The builder has taken great strides in his reading and writing skills the past couple of weeks, and it was undeniable.  I’ve been waiting for the spark and it has arrived.  Later he was asking how to spell certain words…something I’ve been waiting to hear.  🙂  Yeah builder, you are on your way!

What breakthroughs have graced your home this week?

2 thoughts on “kiddo daily delight – making valentines & a break-through

  1. Yeah Carsten! I love to see those little sparks. It is so rewarding…your hard work is paying off. Our boys our growing up! Loves…

  2. Luv you Lesa! I can’t believe they’ll be in school next year! Everytime Jake tells me something these days, I just smile at all he’s doing, thinking, and becoming. Such a sweetheart. 🙂

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