development – painting: timpanogos temple for jen

timpanogos temple, 9×12 oil on wrapped canvas

Jen was the first of our college friends to tie the knot.  There were four of us living together that year and we were surprised, and sad to lose her so early on our collegiate journey. 

It all began with our “tent building” contest that we had with Albert and his roommates.  Jen and I had built a tent in our living room.  It was simple…cascaded down from the top of my bookshelf and covered the stereo and the tv.  Jen and I slept in there for a week.  We gave it up when poor Amos couldn’t handle the mess.  Understandable. 

In a lot of ways we weren’t ready…my roomies and I, I guess that’s why it was Jen’s turn…she was ready.  Looking back I wish I had been more supportive, it was just such unchartered waters that i didn’t know what to do.  Love you Jen!

Back to the wedding day.  It was a wonderful day, beautiful, sunny, Nancy, Amos and I got sunburns waiting for them outside.  Jen was gushing with happiness and bliss.  Lots of funny stuff:  we got lost on the way to the temple, on the way to the reception, and the reception was a bit surreal.  I was the “maid of honor” but ended up at the end of the line.  As people came to me they were done talking.  No problem, I made it easy for them.  When they asked who I was, I said the roommate, Albert’s roommate.  I got all sorts of looks, and of course comments.  Some didn’t know what to say.   It was my first time being a bridesmaid.  It was pretty standard after that–I promise.

What is it now Jen?  We’re approaching 12 years ago right?  Wow.  Congrats lady, luv you!

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