delight – just because i want to remember

The kiddos say so many things these days….I wish I could remember it all…


the dancer: My belly is hurting.  {this is where the designer and I usually as her if she needs to go potty} It really hurts, but it needs to get bigger before my baby can come out…


the builder: Mom, when are we going to have another baby?  I want 5 boys and 3 girls. 

the dancer: Yeah, 3 girls!

the designer: That includes Mom and Dad right? 


the builder: Hey Mom, what is the explorer going to do when he gets big?

me: I don’t know, whatever he wants, I suppose.

the builder: I know! He can be a school-bus driver!

dancer: Oh, how fun buddy, you get to be a school bus driver!  I’m gonna be a dancer!

me: What are you going to be {builder}?

the builder: I’m going to be a cowboy.

It’s all decided. 


the builder: Mom, I had a good dream.

me:  Oh, I’m so glad.  {there have been some scary ones lately} What was it about?

the builder: I was sitting on Jesus’ lap. 

me: Oh, that is a good dream.


And then there are family and meal-time prayers…deciding whose turn it is to say a prayer…this part usually takes as long as the prayer itself.  The builder or dancer will start to pray and then the explorer will join in and say his own prayer along with them.  Should it be the builder’s turn, he will stop and remind the explorer that his turn is next time.  The designer and I try to hold in the laughter.


To the explorer’s future wife: he has a special soft spot for dancing…especially slow dancing to John Pizzareli.   🙂

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