development – painting: gigi’s florida homestead

gigi’s florida homestead, 8×10 oil on wrapped canvas

A Christmas commission for Lesa & Steve…a gift for Steve’s grandma who lived for 20 years in this lovely Florida home.  She planted the palm tree in the front…watched it grow.  Significant features: the pine trees in the background, her RV and car in the driveway.  Lesa says Gigi has lost much of her memories, but this was one that couldn’t be forgotten. 

I’ve already begun to forget things.  Sometimes it scares me…people or events I don’t remember from college or even high school.  …Does that happen to you?  Is it that we’re growing old, or are there just too many other things to remember? 

If a painting can bring those memories back from Gigi’s Florida Home, than I have found another reason to paint.  May you remember Gigi…and remember again.  🙂

What do you always want to remember?

4 thoughts on “development – painting: gigi’s florida homestead

  1. I want to always remember what it feels like to hold a little one in your arms and have time stand still…their smell, their warmth, they way they melt into you. I don’t ever want to forget that.

  2. Oh Christy, that’s beautiful. I don’t ever want to forget that one either. I’m working on a painting that I think you’ll enjoy. Hopefully it will be done later this week. Looks like you had a wonderful trip to your inlaws! xoxo

    p.s. I chose your Christmas Card as my favorite family portrait. It was perfectly charming!

  3. Katrina, that’s such a lovely question.

    I agree with Christy…the smell of a warm baby’s head snuggled up on my shoulder. The feeling of grace and oneness that happens all too rarely when the spirit lets you know Heavenly Father is proud of you. Sophie doing handstands on the beach. My friend Liz sending her husband with hot cinnamon rolls to my new house on Christmas Eve late at night because she was thinking about us. Ben giving me kisses and telling me he loves me.

    • Kerri, I love all of these. I can smell the cinnamon rolls and wee Sophie on the beach…may you never forget these sweet moments! xoxo

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