advent activities – paper chain of giving

I’ve been wanting to do a paper chain to count down the days similar to our advent, but with a twist.  Each night all five of us unwrap one chain and write something we did that day for others…a kind deed, loving words, etc. 

We then place the paper in a basket a top the piano, designated for the baby Jesus.  By Christmas Eve he should have a nice manger filled with straw (or a representation :)).  We’ll place him in the manger that evening and share our favorite memories from our month-o-giving. 

My mother had us do something similar…I wanted to be able to write down what we were doing to make it more meaningful and tactile for the kiddos…It’s been so fun so far…and yes, it is a lot of paper.  Of course we cut up magazines (my fav medium other than oil paint).  🙂  There are five of us and I made enough for 30 days…so we have paper chains hanging all over our entryway.  And it is very easily inexpensive decorating I must say! 🙂

 As for a beautiful book about the birth of Christ:

Christ is Born   Christ is Born by Layne Haacke.   Beautiful illustrations, and the text comes straight from Luke 2.  The illustrations make it easy for the kiddos to understand what is taking place. 

What is your favorite children’s book about the birth of our Savior?  And how do you keep the spirit of giving abundant in your home…secrets?  Please tell.  🙂

3 thoughts on “advent activities – paper chain of giving

  1. I LOVE that idea! We just have a felt advent calendar that the kids move around everyday. I would love to do this and might start off with the 12 Days of Christmas this year. Thanks!

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