delight – maile’s nutcracker performance


After the dancer and I enjoyed Maile’s last dance recital, the builder was soo sad that he had not gone.  I was surprised that he was so interested, but promised him he could go with us next time.  When it came time to buy tickets, it seemed like the perfect family outing to kick off the Holiday Season.  Unfortunately, the designer got sick after helping my Grommie move this past weekend.  So he stayed home with the explorer and we brought an excited Nana with us to the show.  It was so much fun to join the designer’s Mom, siblings, our nieces and nephew, and Aunts Kathryn and Charlotte, along with Maile’s grandparents too.  The show was so fun and the builder and dancer didn’t think it was a good idea to go to the restroom during intermission…they were afraid they would miss the dancing.  The builder’s favorite part was the rat king and wondered why he was not in the 2nd act.  The dancer loved watching her cousin Maile and the fairy princesses.  Maile was charming and graceful as the party princess.  Her Dad did a fabulous job as the Man of the House.  They were wonderful and we truly enjoyed ourselves! 


Going out!


You would think this was taken on our way home…yes, they did fall asleep on the way home, but they also fell asleep on the way to the show.  🙂  We must have sung to many Christmas Songs on our way! 


So happy to be with family!

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