delight – family portraits

10.09 207

About a month ago, we went up the neighboring canyon and enjoyed some of the Season’s last leaves.  A tripod, and rapid-fire on my camera made all the difference.  The funniest photos were between settings.  We had put the kiddos in the back of the car to drive a little farther down the canyon.  The kiddos each got a piece of last year’s Halloween candy to eat while we found a new spot.  They were smiling, yelling, “cheese”, and having a blast.  I post them another time…hopefully in a slideshow…for I think it is the best way to see the work of the rapid-fire.  🙂

10.09 241

10.09 257

10.09 318

10.09 409

10.09 306

10.09 399

3 thoughts on “delight – family portraits

  1. Great pictures! Very impressive that you got what you got with three little ones. Candy can be magical at picture taking time as we just found out this weekend with gummi bears!

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