discovery – i give up {take two}

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So I’ve been thinking a lot about your comments from my i give up post last week.  You’re all so wonderful and amazing!  I apologise for not opening up as much as I probably should.  I feel overwhelmed a good part of the time, but try to focus on the positive things that happen everyday and don’t always take the time to write about more “human” moments as my friend pointed out.

This friend happens to be one of my best friends and I value her thoughts and opinions…especially her ups and downs.   This follow-up post is for her and the rest of us that become overwhelmed at times trying to become all we want and do all that we want to for our family and ourselves (usually the one least taken care of).

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Being a woman comes with so many perks:

  • we tend to be sensitive, caring and nurturing
  • we have the capacity to feel deeply
  • we carry and handle stress differently

These perks are intensified at times during our lives (especially when hormones are involved…when we’re prego or nursing for example).  Everything is magnified at these times and its important to recognize this so that we don’t go crazy!  🙂

Ok, so maybe you’re not all experiencing this right now, but my friend is, and I understand it all too well.  She admitted that she feels that she isn’t progressing right now.  That is a horrible place to be, and I know most of us have felt our share.

So how can we help my friend?

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I gave her some suggestions:

  • make time for you each day (journal, read, she can’t excercise right now…)
  • enjoy special moments with your kiddos each day
  • schedule time just for you and your hubby

Several of these things she was already doing.  Way to go girl!

Here are a few others:

09.09 398

Personally, I believe the most important thing is to record what we’re doing, so that we can see how it makes us feel and know where to improve.  Even more important is to never give up on  you and those whom you love.  Remember you are divine and that He will always help you if you ask.

Even if you just keep track of things that make you happy with your camera (even when you’re not a professional), it will help you remember and keep you going. 

What else can you guys offer?  I know I could use some advice here as well.  It’s hard when you feel like you’re “stuck.”  How have you gotten out?

6 thoughts on “discovery – i give up {take two}

  1. i love the pictures that you put to go along with this great follow up post.
    i think looking at your sons beautiful happy face puts the world in perspective and really helps you focus on what is important.
    i think we all know what makes us happy. the trick is not forgetting it.
    i have recently moved across the oceans, and finally received all of our belongings. as i am opening box after box i am finding things i haven’t seen in a very very long time. i found drawings from 16 years ago, i forgot i could draw so good. that was a great reminder for me needing to pick up that pencil again and go and draw like there is no tomorrow. right after i kiss my girls good night.


    • Oh I luved your comment tali! I luv unpacking treasures, and I luv realizing that the best ones are staring at me all day long! I’d love it if you’d post some of these sketches…:)

  2. Wonderful words, and so needed for the majority of us. I have a stash of old stand-byes that I use to fill my bucket when I’m feeling low. It generally includes a movie, a comfort food, and snuggling with my little ones. Of course, if they are the cause of my stress, I trade off with my husband…we call it tag teaming. We do that for my sister in law, who is a single parent as well. When she feels like she is on the brink, we take her kids. I hope some of these ideas help! 🙂

    • i luv the tag teaming…the designer will do that for me when i crack…and sometimes before. 🙂 I need to snuggle with the kiddos tomorrow! 🙂

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