development – painting of mcg design: my cinderella story


Accents by MCG Design, 16×20″ oil on canvas, property of Mac & Andy.

When I was little, I totally connected with Disney’s “cinderella story.”  I know, I know…there weren’t many choices back then…but I really did love Cinderella

Well, Cinderella had lots of fans that helped her along her fairy tale.  Similarly, there have been so many supporters of my painting adventure.  From Elizabeth giving me my first watercolor set, to Nance letting me plein air with her and encouraging me to use my paintings in calendars and cards, to family and friends buying those cards, friends and family purchasing and commissioning art, and the ever supportive designer who continues to give encouragement as well as thoughtful criticism.

But there are three other fairy godmothers (or whatever you want to call them), that have given me the confidence to paint and create. 

It all began one evening in late Fall of ’07.  I had been painting more and felt like I was tapping into my style.  I decided that it was time that I do something with my art.  So I took Snake Creek Grill, Mimosa, and Heber’s Muffler Shop to Cynthia of the Two Sisters Art Gallery.  I had the Wave print out a resume for me (the colors were all wrong btw…typical wave quality however).  🙂  “What have I got to lose,” I thought? 

So the best and worst came about.  Cynthia did not have room for any additional artists, but her neighbor, Andy was looking for an artist to showcase in his Interior Design Studio, or Accents by MCG Design.  She took the resume to him and he loved what he saw.  I pulled my unframed oil paintings out of the trunk of the car.  Here, Cynthia explained my faux pas and kindly gave me the phone number of my now incredible framer, Dave Brown.  🙂

With the pieces appropriately framed, they were hung in Accents and I immediately became friends with Andy and Cynthia.  Eventually, I met Mac and my cinderella fan base was complete.  I was prego with the explorer at the time and would spend some relaxing evenings chatting with Andy or covering for he or Cynthia.  While I watched the store I would chat with Cynthia and paint a bit.  I finished  a painting for the builder’s birthday one evening, and later I began a painting of MCG Design

Shortly afterwards, the explorer was born and I didn’t paint for a while.  I like to finish a painting within a few days of beginning.  There is a sort of momentum that drives me and I don’t like to lose it.

Time passed, we moved back to Swiss Oaks, once again became Andy and Mac’s neighbors, and Accents closed.  It has been so much fun to see them in the parking lot coming and going.  The explorer’s favorite spot outside is to sit on their bottom stair, swinging his little legs.  The builder and dancer love to wave to them and tell us when they are home. 

Andy invited us to attend Mac’s surprise birthday party.  I knew it was time to finish Accents by MCG.  Tuesday evening I finished the painting.  Though we have all moved on (even Cynthia closed her doors last night), it was an important stepping stone for each of us.  Many memories were made and shared in Heber’s Old Town.  It will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Thank you to my three fairy godmothers: Andy, Mac, and Cynthia, for giving me the confidence I needed to become a real painter.  To create without reserve, to take a step into the beautiful art realm, and their precious friendship.  No matter where this next stage in our lives may lead each of us, you will always have the gratitude of this lil’ cinderella.



4 thoughts on “development – painting of mcg design: my cinderella story

  1. Trina,
    I loved reading this story about you and your art.
    I think your style is amazing and I am so grateful to have found you and to be your friend.

    Have a lovely Sunday.


  2. Dearest Trina :
    We were so delighted to see Carl and yourself at Mac’s special birthday celebration.
    From the moment we met, I loved both you and your artistic visions. I feel proud to have been a rung on your ladder of success.
    I have found that the truly natural artists in this world, like yourself, often lack confidence in their abilities. This year it seems you are finally beginning to believe in yourself as the community recognises what a bright young talent they have in their midst.
    Your inspired interpretation and gift of my beloved ‘accents – the store’ art, seems to complete and give me closure for something that was a financial disaster, yet without which I would not have met you and other people who have proved to be true friends – so it served it’s purpose in the ever evolving pattern of life.
    The Interior Design part of ‘accents’ has continued to grow and flourish thanks to our merge with ‘The Highland Group’ and ‘Highland Interiors by accents’ was born.
    Your Cinderella story was eloquent and wonderful. Always remember that there are two ‘old fairies’ living very close to you, who love you very much !
    Thank you for such a wonderful gift that we will treasure always.
    Andy & Mac

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