kiddo daily delight – our preschool

09.09 146

The kiddos and I began our preschool Tuesday: just the builder, dancer, and explorer (when he is not napping).  🙂  Pictured above, the dancer is writing her number ones in many colors.

Some of the things we’re working on this week:

  • the letter “M”
  • manners and dinosaurs (reading How Dinosaurs play with their friends)
  • masterpieces
  • writing our names and the letter “M”
  • sorting

Books we’re using this week:

Typical parts of our day will include:

  • singing with yours truly accompanying at the piano
  • opening with a prayer
  • the monthly primary scripture
  • singing our alphabet song : “apple, apple (while signing “apple”), ah ah ah (while signing the letter “A”)…I’ve adapted it from a song I remember my brothers falling asleep to each night.  The kiddos love it!
  • literature based activities (kiddo daily delights)
  • using front-line phonics
  • project-based approach
  • activities using the Howard Gardner’s Multi-Intelligence Theory
  • related field trips once a week (this friday we’re going to the dinosaur museum at BYU)

09.09 145

After drawing dinosaurs, and painting Mondrian style, the builder wanted to try to paint like Pollock.  During our reading of Anna’s Art Adventure, he was very concerned as to why Pollock was painting so carelessly…:), but now he’s a convert.

They were so excited about their new notebooks for writing, that they call their “school books”, that they took and left them at Grandma’s yesterday.  🙂

2 thoughts on “kiddo daily delight – our preschool

  1. Thanks for the list of things you typically do. I want to do something similar with Abram and Chloé at home. Thanks for your continued inspiration. . .

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