kiddo daily delight – dr suess’ the shape of me


Despite the rain, we had a wonderful time and turn out for out kiddo daily delight.  We began by reading The Shape of Me and other stuff by Dr. Seuss.  The children had a great time deciding what each image represented.  There was some discussion about a snake/caterpillar/worm/snail.  🙂 

Then we took a closer look at our wee gallery art jungle cards, noticing the shapes within each animal’s shape:


Soon the kids were outside, enjoying the rain, drawing shapes with sidewalk chalk under the eaves of the clubhouse.  After a great drawing session, we went in and played in the clubhouse until it was time to go home for lunch. 

08.09 799  08.09 800

Jack had a distinct “stick” shape he drew above his own shape.  Noah is so very into trains!

08.09 801  08.09 796

Stevie found she could make foot shapes with her wet feet within her shape.  The builder wanted dinosaur bone shapes within his rainbow shape.

Glad to have Lesa and Miss Stevie Kate today.  We’ll do one more week, and then take a break for school.  I’ll do sessions during winter break…just remind me of your schedules.  🙂  It’s been a great Summer with friends.  Looking forward to next year!

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