delight – red butte beauties

08.09 215

My computer died again Thursday evening…so I’ve been in a bit of withdrawals the past 5 days…mostly the loss of email communication options.  Meanwhile, the designer and I have enjoyed some quiet evenings together, chatting, as we admire the view of Wilson’s Peak through our living room window.  The kiddos and I drank in Red Butte’s beautiful Gardens yesterday…

08.09 185 

The kiddos loved all the water found throughout the gardens.

08.09 210

They also adored the lizards in the grass…where they pretend-played all sorts of adventures.

08.09 212

Creatures of all kinds were enjoying the gardens with us.

08.09 203

The explorer was in heaven as he walked to his heart’s content.

08.09 236

Showing the kiddos a humming bird for the first time, was a special treat.

08.09 189

Hideouts for kiddos were in abundance.

08.09 220

As were the beautiful perennials.  Oh I can’t wait to take another look soon!

08.09 196

Nor can the kiddos.  As they told the designer about the koi pond, water fountains, and lizards within the beautiful flowers…all they could ask was, “can we go again?”

4 thoughts on “delight – red butte beauties

  1. That looks like you had a great day! Your photographs look so good, and I love that you could capture so much of the day. That’s what I love, creating and then keeping the memories.

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